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Think of how defenseless your home really is. It’s subject to dust, dirt, mud, odors, oils, even pet accidents. You spot clean it and vacuum it, but is it really enough to neutralize the germs and bacteria that go along with a full-on assault of foot traffic and day-to-day clutter? Parents in particular know the answer to that question.

Marmaid understands. Homeowners and business owners everywhere are outmatched, and Sedgwick County is no exception. Marmaid is a cleaning service that’s founded on a simple mission: to give you back your weekend! Marmaid is your high-quality cleaning service in south-central Kansas.

Make your spare time YOU time. Call Marmaid now!   


Marmaid has been perfecting residential and office cleaning since 2009. In our decade of service, we’ve learned a thing or two about what a clean home means to our customers. Below is a look at some of the major benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service like Marmaid.


  • Making a Good Impression: Good or bad, the general appearance of your environment is going to leave an impression. Home or business, there’s nothing quite like the confidence that goes with a clean, sanitary, organized space. 
  • Staying Healthy: Home or office, your environment can quickly become a breeding ground for sickness. In the case of office illnesses, productivity is bound to take a nosedive. At home, you’ll miss out on family life and your hard-earned relaxation time. Don’t take germs lying down. Marmaid is high-quality cleaning for people who want to take their weekends back! 
  • Sparing Yourself the Stress: By hiring a house cleaning service like Marmaid, you’ll find you have more time and energy for life’s simple pleasures. With each cleaning, the Marmaid’s professionals will come to understand your home or office that much better and will proceed to meet your expectations with ease. Take back your weekend and experience a stress-free clean!   


Marmaid is a cleaning service that’s founded on a simple mission: to give you back your weekend! Marmaid is high-quality cleaning service for south-central Kansas.

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